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Hinduism stands apart from all the other religions of the world in various ways. One of the most distinct feature is that here there is no single person who is attributed to be its father. It is better compared to ‘science’ itself, where there is no single person who can be said to be its father. Just as science is a compendium of knowledge pertaining to the eternal truths of this objective world, so also Vedanta, the great philosophy of Hindu’s, is a body of knowledge revealed to various highly dedicated thinkers called Rishi's, who had only one passion, and that was unraveling the mysteries of life & more so about the subjective truths of man.
Just as in science, here also the principles stand above personalities. However, unlike science, such was the extent of making the person secondary to the knowledge that till today various scholars keep debating about the real author of a particular work. Rishi's were never bothered about any of their intellectual property rights or plans of making any living out of this knowledge. This compendium of sacred knowledge which uncompromisingly deals with the eternal truths of life, and which is coming down to us from ages is what is referred by us as ‘Shastra's’.
The only Shastra which is coming down to us from ages are the Vedas. Vedas are the basis of Hinduism. They are called as ‘Pramana’ - the valid means of knowledge. Such is the reverence with which they are looked upon that even the various avatara-purushas refer to them to validate their upadesha's. We had & still have a great traditions of innumerable great saints, who served the humanity in various ways, and irrespective of their traditions they are all highly respected, yet the beauty is that all these saints never attribute anything to them self, but give all the credit to the Shastra's. This is very obvious too, because anyone who has had the good fortune of delving into these fantastic works knows that these scriptures are so complete that all whatever we say is already directly or indirectly revealed in these scriptures. So rightly enough we believe Vedas to be the words of God himself.
In this section we shall introduce you to these Vedas and other important works which today form the basis of teaching Vedanta to any new initiate.

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