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Sadhana means that by which a sadhya is attained. It stand for ‘Means’ for some end. Different sects & teachers are seen to prescribe & stress on different sadhana's. Are all the various sadhana's different ways to attain the ultimate goal of total fulfillment? In this context three things need to be understood very clearly.
All sadhana's can be compared to different medicines. Just as each medicine has a special role to play which no other medicine can do, so also every sadhana has a specific role to play. The results of one are never the results of the other. Every sadhana is for a very specific objective, and in no case whatsoever the direct objective of is Self-Realization.
Taking the example of medicine further, we know that no medicine ‘gives’ us health, but just removes the cause of illness, and thereafter the health just manifests as a natural & inherent fragrance from within. It was already there as a natural state, but was somehow veiled by some factor, and this factor is removed by the so called medicine. So also is the case with sadhana's. We don’t require any sadhana to ‘get’ fulfillment for us. Moksha is to know and abide in that which is our basic & essential nature. We are already that, so really speaking the ultimate fulfillment is no ‘sadhya’, no extraneous goal, and therefore we don’t require any sadhana for that, but yet we do require some sadhana, and that is only to eliminate the obstacles which are coming in our way of Self-Realization.
There are three main obstacles in the way of knowing & abiding in our basic nature. They are called : Mal, Vikshepa, & Avarana, meaning impurities of mind, vacillation of mind, and ignorance respectively. These obstacles and their various subsequent by-products are present in different degrees in different persons. These obstacles are ‘seen’ by our Gurus, who thereafter prescribe a specific line of action to help eliminate that particular obstacle. Later on that sadhana has to be given up, and if necessary some other may be prescribed for some time, then that too has to be given up. No sadhana has to be done continuously and by everyone. Expert advise is extremely essential.
In this section we present introduction of some of the well known sadhana's. What is the field of their work, for how long they need to be done etc. Details of the sadhana's below will be added shortly.

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