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……… In this section we present some of the important & interesting letters written by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswati to various sadhakas & shishya's all over the world. We believe that these letters will come handy to other sadhakas also. At present we are releasing three volumes of these letters, but more will follow soon. Please keep an eye on this page for further additions. Click on the links below to see the subject matter of letters in each volume.



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The Subject Matter of Letters of each Volume


Volume 1

The Four Ashrama's

Inter Religious Marriages

Disappointments to suicides

Love & Arranged Marriages

Brahmacharya & being wrecks

Child & the helping hand

The Four Varna's

Deciding Priorities

Advice to a young going abroad

Cultural values & Self knowledge




Volume 2

Making karma an offering

Enjoying the journey

Swadharma & Vasanas

Destiny and Law of Karma 

Man - Embodiment of Perfection

Let convictions touch the heart

Enjoy doing that which is Right


Nishkama Karma

Agami Karmas




Volume 3

Doubtless knowledge

What is Maya ?

Self transcends the mind

The first & last Text books

Self-knowledge & responses

Standing apart

Ego is neither BMI nor PFT

Emotions & Rationality

Ignorance & anger !

Adamant mind



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