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World Wide Gita Awareness Program :

1.      Objectives of WWGAP

2.      Components of WWGAP

3.      Organising a WWGAP

4.      Nature of Preparation for organising a WWGAP

5.      Expenses



Objectives of the World Wide ‘Gita Awareness’ Program :

…….. The message of Gita aims at providing the understanding & package of living a positive, dynamic & holistic life to a man in the midst of strife. With its in-depth & highly practical insights into the problems of man it leads man to righteous living & freedom in the midst of his or her activities & responsibilities.


…….. The World Wide Gita Awareness Program of International Vedanta Mission aims to bring about awareness of the vision & message of Bhagwad Gita all over the world. It is basically a one day seminar on Gita, aimed at young generation.


…….. To begin with we plan to organize 108 Special ‘Gita Awareness Programs' by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji all over the world - in English or Hindi, as the situation demads.



Components of a ‘Gita Awareness’ Program :

Components : One 'Gita Awareness' Program consists of the following parts :

1. Three Talks on 'The Gita Way of Life'.

2. Chanting of ten important Shlokas of Gita.

3. One Conducted Meditation Session.

4. Open house Question & Answer Session.

5. A Gita Quiz.


Formats : The 'Gita Awareness' Program can be organized in two formats : 

(a) One Day Seminar

(b) Three Days Talks

…… … The Seminar will be an intensive session with classes on the Message & Vision of Gita, Gita based Meditation, Question & Answers, and chanting of select shlokas, the 3 Days Program is followed by a one day ‘Retreat' somewhere in the outskirts where sessions of Meditation, Question-Answers, Gita-Quiz, Shloka Chanting etc can be conducted.


Speaker : The above Program will at present be conducted by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji.


Language : The Gita Awareness Program can be organized in either Hindi or English language.


Contents of the 'Three Talks' :

Talk-1 : Importance of Right Decision Making

Talk-2 : Preparing for the Battle Front

Talk-3 : From Sattwic Action to the Transcendental



Organising a ‘Gita Awareness’ Program :

…….. A ‘Gita Awareness’ Program can be organized by ‘any’ individual, organization, temple or educational institution. The organizer shall also be the main host to make all the Boarding, Lodging & Travel arrangements for Poojya Guruji. 



Nature of Arrangements for organising a ‘Gita Awareness’ Program :

  1. A well-equipped Lecture Hall (with good Public Address system) for accommodating the expected number of participants.
  2. Air Tickets for Poojya Guruji to & from the city of his arrival & departure (as per the requirements of Poojya Guruji)
  3. A separate, clean & quiet place for stay for Poojya Guruji.
  4. Arrangements for Sattwic food for Swamiji – as per his requirement.



Expenses :

…….. The expenses to be incurred by the individual or the institution shall include the expenses of arrangements of the Talks, (Booking of Hall, Arrangements of Public Address System, Sitting arrangements, Publicity of Program etc.), Boarding, Lodging & Travel expenses of Poojya Guruji, and finally the Dakshina to Guruji - which is offered on the last day on the Program – in a special thanksgiving session.




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