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What is a Study Group?

How to organize a Study Group?

How to conduct a Study Group?

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What is a ‘Study Group’ ?


Study Groups are :

  • Groups for weekly congregational Prayers, Bhajans & Meditation.
  • Groups to study & discuss Vedantic Scriptures.
  • Groups to learn Shloka chanting and Sanskrit language.
  • Groups to celebrate various Festivals together
  • Groups to help organize various VM programs like Sadhana Camps, Gyana Yagnas etc. in that area.


Study Groups are small groups comprising a minimum of around 8-10 devotees, formed for the purpose of weekly prayers, meditation and study of ‘Vedanta’ – the time-tested ancient Indian science of Self-Knowledge. These groups act as a unit for helping to understand & spread the science & art of bringing about greater ‘Love & Light’ in our lives.


Designed by Poojya Guruji these Study Groups are highly effective weekly sessions where apart from some prayers, shloka chanting & meditation, tapes of the discourses of Poojya Guruji are played for a short time. Thereafter discussions on these talks follow under the supervision of some moderator, so as to help assimilate these ideas.


Members of this group also get together for celebrating various festivals, sewa and even act as a core group to organize various of VM Programs in their area. Plans are afoot to provide guidance to learn shloka chanting, teaching the fundamentals of Hinduism, teaching basic rituals like Puja & Havan etc, and also the basics of Sanskrit language too.




How to organize a Study Group ?


To organize a Study Groups, you need to :

  • Have a place for around 10 devotees to sit comfortably
  • Have an Audio System
  • Have Study Group material from VM Authorities
  • Get a dozen copies of Bhagwad Gita, prayer books, few note pads and pens.
  • Get some flowers & garland - for decorating the altar. Have some Agarbatti (incense sticks), and prasad (to be distributed later).
  • Fix up any mutually convenient time to meet for about 90 minutes once a week.


Study Groups are very easy to organize. All what is required is an inspired person, who would like to help spread greater ‘Love & Light’ in his or her life, and also in the life of others around him.


Such an ‘organizer’ fixes up some place which can accommodate around 8-10 people to sit comfortably. Have a good audio system, get Audio Tapes & other Study Group material from VM authorities.


Get around 8-10 of your like-minded friends who would like to deeper into understanding & living their religious & cultural values. Fix up a mutually convenient time, which is just once a week – for about 90 minutes - and the Study Group is ready to take off.




How to conduct a Study Group ?


The following system is followed to conduct a Study Groups :

  • Sit in a quiet, comfortable place with a beautifully decorated altar with pictures of Lord Krishna, Poojya Guruji and a Bhagwad Gita. A lamp is lighted by one of the participants, incense sticks may be lighted, and some prasad kept at the altar for distribution later on.
  • The moderator begins the session by leading the chanting of OM three times. This is followed by prayers and few bhajans. This is for about 15 minutes. Then few shlokas of Gita are chanted together.
  • Then the moderator begins by introducing the topic or summarizing what was heard & discussed last week. Thereafter begin the tape of the discourse of Poojya Guruji or of Poojya Swaminiji. Everyone sits quietly & attentively listening to the discourse and taking down notes – wherever necessary. This is for only about 30 minutes or as what the moderator deems fit. The tape is continued next week. 
  • The moderator then invites, invokes & encourages everyone to open up and share their reactions and views on the talk just heard. Thereafter the moderator concludes the discussion.
  • After the discussion everyone sits down with their eyes closed and a tape of Conducted Meditation is played and everyone has a Meditation session for around 15-20 minutes. 
  • Have Aarti and distribute prasad to all.



Existing Study Groups



Place of Study Group




Elite Builders Conference Hall

Ground Floor

440 Mangal Mahesh

14th Road, Khar (W)

Mumbai – 400 052

1. Every Friday &


6:30-8.00 PM

Contact :




Smt. Nirat Gupta

Kishore Bunglow

Nr. Guru Stores

Linking Road, Khar (W)

Mumbai - 400 052

Every Monday

Gita & Ramayana Chanting & Study

6:30-7.30 PM

Contact :




Sh. D.N. Misra

Amrapali, B-155, Sector-A,


Lucknow – 226 006

Every Sunday

5:30 PM

Contact :




Note : Those desirous of starting Study Groups in their own cities & countries may kindly contact us using the contact link on our home page.



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