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….. Vedanta Mission has released various publications on the Net. Our main Net Publications are:


1.      Letters of Guruji : Three Volumes

2.      Vedanta Articles

3.      Tattva Bodha Lessons

4.      Bhagwad Gita Lessons

5.      Hindu Scriptures

6.      Decision Making

7.      Stress Management Manual

8.      Monthly e-zine : Vedanta Sandesh

9.      Bi-monthly magazine : Vedanta Piyush




1. Letters of Guruji :


This series of publication consists of e-mails sent by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji to various seekers,  sadhakas or his shishyas in different parts of the world. The topics range from personal, general to subtle vedantic tenets. They are a must read for any student of religion & philosophy. You can go to the Index Page of Letters of Guruji or go to any volume directly too.



2. Vedanta Articles :


This series consists of articles on Vedanta written by Poojya Guruji occasionally for the Mission Newsletter or magazine. Click here to go to the Index Page of Articles. More than twenty articles are available.


3. Tattva Bodha Online Lessons :


This series of publication consists of online lessons on the first part of the well known introductory text of Vedanta the ‘Tattva Bodha’. In this section are the lessons about the requisites in a student of Vedanta. More parts are going to be released soon. Click here to go to the Lessons Index Page.


4. Bhagwad Gita Online Lessons :


This series of publication consists of online lessons on the every chapter of Bhagwad Gita. The first part consists of lessons consisting of introduction to Gita, its subject matter, objective & pre-requisites in its student. Click here to go to the Online Lessons Index Page.


5. Hindu Scriptures :


Hinduism is one of the oldest, if not the oldest religion of the world. The most unique feature of it is that it has not been given out by one single person. Here it is the Vedas revealed by God himself to the various Rishis which is the basis of Hinduism. Apart from this fact hundreds & thousands of Masters have recorded their wisdom & experiences in their various works, so as of now we have a huge collection of priceless scriptures. In this section we will endeavor to give a brief introduction of the most well known and important ones, especially vis-à-vis study of Vedanta. Please click here to go to the Index Page of the Hindu Scriptures Page.


6. Quick & Right Decision Making :


Bhagwad Gita basically addressed the problem of indecisiveness of Arjuna. Poojya Guruji has culled out the main points for solving this problem from Bhagwad Gita, which Lord Krishna had given to Arjuna. Click here to go to that Page.


7. Stress Management Manual :


Poojya Guruji had designed a Holistic Stress Management Workshop for the Executives and others leading a fast life. Please click here to see the manual revealing the approach to manage Stress – the Gita way.


8. Monthly e-zine ‘Vedanta Sandesh’ :


Vedanta Mission publishes a free monthly e-zine on Vedanta & Sanatan Dharma – the Vedanta Sandesh. It is sent in two parts every fortnight. The first part contains sections called ‘Reflect, Q&A, and VM Activities’, and the second part contains sections called ‘Vedanta, Scriptures & General’. The ezine is sent to all members of all the three Mailing Lists which are being run by us. It is also available on the Net, and any issue released so far can be accessed from our ‘E-zine Page’. Please click here to go to the ‘E-zine Page’.


9. Monthly Magazine ‘Vedanta Piyush’ :


A monthly Hindi magazine called the Vedanta Piyush is published by the Mission. It has sections on various aspects of Vedanta & Sanatan Dharma, and every issue deserves to be collected. It is sent to all members of Vedanta Mission in any of its center, or to anyone who has subscribed for it. Please click here to go to the ‘E-zine Page’.



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