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Welcome to the Index Page of the ‘Mission Section’ of vmission.org.in site. On this Page we present a birds eye view of the activities & objectives of Vedanta Mission.

Established in 1992 under the guidance & inspiration of Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji, the mission has come a long way. Within a short span of over a decade Vedanta Mission is today known all over the world. Search any search engine and all the info about Vedanta Mission will be immediately available to you. The enlightening discourses of Poojya Guruji, and the various pioneering works on Net and other segments of the society have all contributed to the spread of Vedanta Mission. However, we still have far to go, all this is just a beginning. 

Vedanta Mission is for YOU - join the Caravan

To live a full life, you need to know your Self, your truth. Self Knowledge opens the door of all your inherent potential. Self Knowledge (SK) was the secret of success of all successful & truly healthy people. Not knowing the truth of yourself is the door to all problems & grief. Self realization is god-realization, Self Knowledge is door to Moksha - true freedom. 

Come, enter the portals of the ancient & time-tested 'Vedanta - the science of Self-Knowledge'. Join the Vedanta Mission, not only to know your truth, but also join hands to help spread this divine redeeming knowledge to one & all - all over the world.

To begin with you can become its member, subscribe to our online, or land mail newsletters, take up the online courses, join or start a study group, and if you are a dynamic organizer types, you can start Self-Knowledge programs in your own place, or even approach us to directly organize a program of our Acharyas. Click on the 'contact' link on the left to get more details from us. Life is short, make the best of it. Awake, Arise - says the Kathopanishad.

Brief Introduction of our Founder :

Param Poojya Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji is an inspired teacher of Vedanta. A very holistic personality indeed, he is well-versed in the ancient lore of vedanta as well as the modern systems of knowledge & technology.

He considers himself an artwork of various Mahatmas who blessed him with their love & knowledge. The most noteworthy of all was Swami Chinmayanandaji who not only gave him opportunity to study at his ashram, but also personally initiated him into the sanyas ashram - a great privilege indeed. Poojya Guruji, as he is known in the Mission circles, says that in order to know him fully, you need to know yourself, as revealed in the Upanishads. I am thy own self, and also the infinite & timeless self of one & all. 

The Mission Logo

The Logo of the Vedanta Mission (top right) is a 16 rayed sun, with a 8 petal lotus within. At the very heart of all this is 'om'.

The Sun represents the one 'self-effulgent divinity'. Its 16 rays represents the 'Shodasha Kala Purusha of Upanishads, representing the multifarious manifestation of God in this universe. We see inherent divinity in all. The 8 petal lotus represents a fully enlightened individual, whose core is divine. This truth alone is his source of strength & inspiration. Such an awakened one, like sun, travels all over lighting the lives of one & all. He draws his or her strength from his own effulgent being. An embodiment of love, knowledge, magnanimity & service. The Mission logo represents our values & goal. 

Objectives of Vedanta Mission :

Mission endeavors to help bring about a better world by helping people know about their truth & potential. We dream & pray to help spread greater 'Love & Light' in the world.

We believe that Self-Knowledge alone shall free the world of the pangs & problems of limited, egoistic existence.

As Vedanta is the time-tested heritage for Self-Knowledge, we endeavor to introduce the original Vedantic scriptures to the world. We are a knowledge based organization helping any one interested to get Self-Knowledge into the portals of Vedanta.

Subscribe to VM Mailing Lists

We have various net based Mailing Lists. Join or leave at your discretion:

1. VMission List: The main List. Get all the newsletters, mission info & even participate in or initiate new discussions.

2. Arjunas List: The Mailing List for youth, to discuss their perspective on culture & spirituality.

3. VSandesh List: Just get one monthly mail - english newsletter, the Vedanta Sandesh.

4. VPiyush List: Just get one monthly mail - hindi newsletter, the Vedanta Piyush.

5. VMUK List: Mailing List for members of VM UK.

Main Programs of the Vedanta Mission :

The main thrust of the Mission is to spread the awareness & message of Bhagwad Gita. We have programs like: Gita Gyana Yagna; Gita Mahayagna; Gita Camps; Gita Online Courses; Worldwide Gita Awareness Program; Gita based Stress Management Package; Gita based Holistic Living Program; Using Internet to spread the awareness of Vedanta and Sanatan Dharma; etc.

Apart from these we conduct a three years Vedanta Course for full-time students, have regular discourses on Upanishads; Sanskrit awareness; Bhajans; special programs for children, youth & aged ones.


Mission Founder:

Swami Atmanandaji

Mission Acharyas:

Swamini Amitanandaji

Sw. Samatanandaji

Sw. Poornanandaji

Mission HQ:

Vedanta Ashram, Indore

Mission Centers:






Mission Started in:

1992 - Mumbai

Our Regd Trusts:

Indian Cultural Foundation, Mumbai

Vedanta Parmarthic Sewa Trust, Indore



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