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Poojya Guruji during Sadhana Camp at Rishikesh

Vedanta Camps the great leap

Bringing Self-Knowledge within your reach...

Sadhana Camps by Vedanta Mission are a unique out-of-the-world experience. They are strongly recommended for every sincere seeker. They are highly elevating, inspiring & enlightening. They are 4-7 days intensive in-house sessions, wherein the students stay and get thorough & personalized spiritual guidance from a teacher like Poojya Guruji. In such a short time there can be no better way of getting spiritual insights than these Vedanta Camps. They prove to be a major turning point in the life of a seeker. They indeed bring Self-Knowledge & Self-Realization within your reach.

Vedanta Mission has been organizing two Sadhana Camps a year (Winter and Summer Camps) from last one decade, and hundreds of spiritual aspirants have benefited from them. These Camps are organized in some beautiful, well-equipped, serene place. They can be attended by any healthy & sincere person who would like to get a peep within deeper recesses of his or her self. Simple living & high thinking is the basic themes of these Camps.

Strict discipline is observed during these Camps and the devotees voluntarily cut themselves off from the day to day activities of the world, so that they can enter the divine portals within. Food & the environs are purely sattwic, and the thrust of activities is right & clear understanding. There are sessions of conducted Meditation, classes of Vedanta, discussions on various spiritual matters, open-house & personal question-answer sessions, all by Poojya Guruji. He is assisted by his able disciple Swamini Amitanandaji.

In this section we plan to provide a birds eye view of these highly potent package, and hope that by this info many more sadhakas will benefit from such highly beneficial programs.


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