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Various Kinds of

Programs organized by VM


………. Vedanta Mission organized various kinds of programs to take the message of Vedanta to different kinds of people. The following are the major kinds of programs organized by the Mission :

1. Gyana Yagna :

5-7 days lecture series on Vedantic scriptures like Gita, Upanishads etc. There are two sessions of discourses of one & half hours each in the mornings & evenings in which explanations are given on each mantra or shloka of that particular text by the Swami's in their discourses.

2. Shivir :

4 to 5 days Sadhana Camp, a package program staying with Poojya Swami Atmanandaji/Amitanandaji and other sadhakas in some quiet, serene place preferably in the midst of nature and having sessions of discourses, meditation, discussions, question-answers & bhajans throughout the day.

3. Satsang :

A two hour session of bhajans & question-answers with Poojya Swami’s.

4. Gita Gruh Yojana :

Mission has taken on to itself the task of seeing to it that all homes of faithful ones have a copy of Gita with them. Whoever doesn’t have a copy will be presented a copy of Gita by the Mission, and all those who already have a copy will be given a ‘Prashasti-patra’ declaring their house to be a ‘Gita-Gruh’ – a house having Gita in it.

5. Swadhyaya or Study Groups :

Weekly study group, wherein tapes of Swami Atmanandaji's discourses are heard followed by discussion on them.

6. Stress Management Workshop :

A six hour session for a group of 20-25 members in some conference Hall conducted by Swami Atmanandaji. The Stress Management Workshop comprises of talks, demos, interactive sessions and question-answers on the various aspects of Stress like, stress symptoms, consequences & management of stress. The approach is Holistic with special stress on the message of Gita & the tenets of Vedanta to help handle this problem.

7. Sahasranama Archana :

A special mass ritual of about two hours, offering 1000 oblations to God with his 1000 names.

8. Likhit Japa :

Devotees write the ‘Jai Sri Krishna’ mantra’ in a note book, and submit to the Ashram, to be kept in a cellar below the Ashram. Any devotee who personally writes 100 note books of 100 pages each will be presented a commentary of Bhagwad Gita with the blessings of Guruji.

9. Yatra :

Visiting religious places in a group along with Mahatma’s.

10. Gurukul :

A Gurukul called Vedanta Ashram, is being run at Indore for full time students of Vedanta, inclined to take to life of sanyas. In this the students are taught the fundamentals of Vedanta, Sanatan Dharma, Sanskrit language apart from regular guidance for their sadhanas by the Acharya in-charge who at present is Poojya Swamini Amitananda Saraswatiji. The course lasts for about four years


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