Indian Cultural Foundation, Mumbai

Introduction & Objectives : 

Indian Cultural Foundation, is a registered charitable Public Trust, with the Maharashtra Public Trusts. It was established on 27 Dec 1999, by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji and a group of his devotees to basically spread more love & light in the world specially by taking the magnanimous message of Advaita Vedanta to one & all and also take the cultural fragrance & ethical values of ancient India to the world. 


Three Wings of ICF : 

ICF has three wings:

1. Vedanta Mission, Mumbai

2. Anand-Lahari

3. Prerna Talks


Trustees : 

Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji – President

Sh Avinash Datta – Managing Trustee / i/c Anand-Lahari

Sh Mohan Lala, i/c VM-Mumbai

Sh Satish Sharma, i/c Prerna Talks

Swamini Amitananda Saraswatiji

Swamini Samatananda Saraswatiji 


Indian Cultural Foundation, 

c/o Sh Mohan Lala, 

401-B, Link Rose, Plot No. 62-E, Linking Road, 

Santa Cruz (W), 

Mumbai – 400 054





Mohan Lala: 09820027141


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