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Gods of Hinduism

……… The Vedas declare ‘Ekam sat vipraha bahuda vadanti’, meaning, the ‘Truth is one and wise call it by different names’. This one, timeless, all-pervasive divinity has a divine power called Maya. Wielding this creative power Lord manifests himself in various ways. Various manifestations of one does not amount to creation of multiplicity. Non-duality remains untainted & untouched. It is only for those who do not see the various forms as manifestation of ‘one’ that various questions arise.

……… In this section we present a brief intro of some of the common deities.


1. Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the most famous of the three basic deity of Hindus. From the point of view of trinity, he is the God in charge of the aspect of destruction. Creation & destruction are two sides of the coin of existence, and one of them has no relevance without the other. He also represents the Nivritti, and thus is the common Ishta Deva for sanyasins.


2. Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is another important diety. He is the one who is in charge of the sustenance of this entire creation. By this he alone becomes singularly responsible for the preservation of Dharma in the world. Whenever the Dharma is on decline, he takes an avatara to come in the world and set the things in order once again. He alone came as Lord Rama or Krishna.  


3. Brahmaji

Brahmaji is the third deity of the famous trinity. He is the creator of this astoundingly beautiful & orderly universe. This four headed God whose four heads represent the four aspects of ‘mind’ is however not commonly worshipped. There are very few of his temples in the country. There is a small story as to why he is not worshipped.


4. Lord Ganesh

He is one of the most worshipped God of Hindu’s. Cutting through all sectarian lines he is worshipped by one & all. This elephant-headed God is the one who removes obstacles. He is son of Lord Shiva, and there is an interesting story as to how he came to have this head.


5. Goddesses

The Maya shakti of God is also highly worshipped in various forms. No activity is possible without the back up of  relevant power. Adi Shakti also manifests in various forms. Know all about them in this section. 


6. Lord Ram

One of the most commonly worshipped God of Hindu’s, Lord Rama was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Born in a princely state he won the hearts of his teacher, parents, brother, wife & countrymen. He is one of the best role models to be emulated to live a truly dharmic life. Read more about him here.


7. Lord Krishna

He also ranks very high in the popularity list amongst the devotees. An incarnation of Lord Vishnu he is verily an embodiment of joy, cheer, power & wisdom. He is the one who gave the immortal discourse of Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna. He shows us the path to live thoroughly, intensely & holistically.  


8. Hanumanji

This monkey-faced deity is strangely enough the most worshipped God amongst Hindus. Said to be an avatara of Lord Shiva, he is an embodiment of all the best things which are cherished by a devotee. He revels in the highest knowledge, has unparalleled devotion unto the feet of Lord Ram, and is also an embodiment of unimaginable strength, which he uses for the work of Lord alone.


9. Lord Kartikeya

The elder brother of Lord Ganesha, he is highly revered in the southern part of the country. The deity which has the beautiful peacock as his vehicle, he is an embodiment of strength & wisdom, and blesses his devotee in various ways. 


10. Other Dieties

This Page contains a brief intro of various other Vedic & non-vedic deities like Indra, Agni etc. Please enter here to read about them.




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