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Donate for the Cause of Knowledge

Vedanta Mission is a non-commercial & non-profit charitable organization, fulfilling a great need of mankind by providing the redeeming spiritual knowledge. It thus depends for all its finances on donations offered to it by the people. No society can do without knowledge because we all want that few things should never be run on commercial basis, but rather very lovingly & selflessly. For this everyone has a role to play, by keeping a part of his/her hard-earned money for such causes.

Charity or Daan has a religious dimension in Hinduism, and everyone, rich or poor, serve the cause of right knowledge by humbly offering some money to right people. Use your discretion as to where you offer your money but do serve such selfless, non-commercial causes. It is a must. Visit our donations - methods & options Pages.

Donations - Methods & Options

Online Donations Page

Support to Vedanta Mission and its cause can be by any of the following means :

1. Become a Member : Patron or Life by paying Rs 5000/- or Rs.1000/- respectively. For details see the Membership Page by clicking here.

2. Adopt a student for taking care of his/her expenses at the Ashram. The expenses of boarding/lodging etc of one student for whole course is Rs.36000/-, or Rs.12000/- for one year.

3. Give an advertisement in the magazine. A one year Best Wishes insertion costs Rs.5000/-

4. Give one day Bhiksha (food) to the Ashram inmates by paying Rs.500/-. This is a nice way to celebrate your special personal occasions like birthday & anniversaries etc. Anna-daan is one of the greatest daan.

5. Give Daan : Donate money to the Corpus Fund of the Trust for building some infra-structure, regular expenses, purchase of equipments, health-care, clothes, books or travel etc. of students. Lots of Fund (Rs.30 lakhs) is required for the extension of Ashram Complex at Indore, so every vee-bit is welcome.

6. Offer Dakshina : All the Mahatmas in our tradition & country never give a bill for the knowledge or services offered by them. They on their part just lovingly spread the knowledge to one & all without any discrimination & expectations. However, such a tradition can be sustained only when anyone who receives any guidance or blessings understands the economy of this noble tradition, and without waiting for anyone to tell us, offer some money to the Swami with heartfelt gratitude. This is called Dakshina. The whole system works beautifully if everyone plays their part properly. What one offers depends upon the capacity of the person, but it is a must. We must understand that money is a necessary resource for anyone, and more so for an organization which is non-commercial.

If you wish to contribute anything whatsoever for the cause then please contact us for more details. Facility of IT exemptions under the Sec 80-G of the Income-Tax Act are available for any donation to the Corpus Fund by people in India.

IT Exemption :

For details of Fund Transfer from Abroad please click HERE. Donations for Ashram, students or magazine should be made in the name of Vedanta Parmarthic Sewa Trust, Indore, while donations for Mission activities in & around Mumbai should be made in the name of Indian Cultural Foundation, Mumbai. Dakshina should be sent on personal name of Poojya Guruji or Poojya Swaminiji.


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