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Vedanta Mission is a movement of, by & for those people who respect & revere the Vedic spiritual heritage, who are convinced that self-knowledge alone liberates, fulfills & thus redeems man. People who aim for the highest & the best. Those who want to awake to the transcendental & timeless realm, thus bringing about the holistic vision. People who believe that right knowledge alone will free man from all the problems which have nothing but ignorance at its base.

Members of Mission are more of sewaks rather than people who like to get some personal gains. The only gain which they get is the joy of selfless loving service for a great worthwhile cause. They are part of the caravan inspired by the declarations of Rishis to understand, inculcate & spread the message of truth & love for all. There are no bars to any membership, except that all members should accept Vedas as the ultimate pramana, accept the commentaries of Sri Adi Sankara as the valid interpretation, have sraddha towards the Gurus of the Mission as the right guide.

The money which is collected is used only for the cause for which they have come together. There are three kinds of membership of the Mission : Patron, Life & Annual.

1. Patron Members :

As the very name shows these people patronize the movement by their support. As a token they contribute Rs 5000/- to the Corpus of the Mission. They get regular information about all its activities, and even participate in all activities in any way they can. They get a free lifelong subscription of the Mission magazine too.

2. Life Members :

These people volunteer to do whatever is possible for them to do. They too participate in managing the activities of the Mission under the guidance of Poojya Guruji. As a token they contribute Rs 1000/- to the Corpus of the Mission. They get regular information about all its activities, and even participate in all activities in any way they can. They too get a lifelong subscription of the Mission magazine.

3. Annual Members :

These members are the main followers of the Mission, who cannot take out too much of time or money for the movement, but would nevertheless like to learn & even serve in whatever way they can. They pay an annual sum of Rs.100/ to the Mission to just send them the information of the Mission.

In order to get any membership please send the following details to your nearest Mission office along with the DD of your membership fee. The DD has to be in the name of the Trust managing the affairs of that particular Mission center. For more details about the place where you need to contact etc. please send us your details in the Feedback/Contact Form

Details required :

Name ; Address ; Educational Qualification ; Profession ; Age (Date of Birth); Spiritual background ; Scriptures studied ; Associations with religious/spiritual organizations.

Please note that none of the details are pre-requisites for becoming a member of the Mission except those mentioned above. Life long membership means a period of ten years.



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