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'Short Vedanta Course'




We are happy to announce a specially designed package of one month duration called Short Vedanta Course for Indian or foreign students. The course will be on special request alone, and can be organized at a mutually convenient dates for any small group students. This package has been designed by Poojya Guruji to provide a brief & valid overview of the ancient Indian science of Self-Knowledge (Vedanta) and the basics of Sanatan Dharma. This course can be organized in English, Hindi, Gujarati or even in Marathi language. 


Faculty & Language:

The English or Hindi course will be conducted by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji himself, while the Gujarati and Marathi Courses will be conducted by his trained disciples. 


Duration of the Course:

30 days in-house Course at Vedanta Ashram, Indore. .


Course Contents

* Study of Tattva Bodha (an introductory text of Vedanta) written by Sri Sankaracharya. 

* Conducted Meditation

* Brief idea of Sanskrit language

* Question-Answer sessions

* Insight into some devotional practices

* Insight into the rituals & traditions.


Facilities at Ashram:

The Camp location, the Vedanta Ashram, has all the basic amenities for rest, study, meditation and food. However, the level will be simple, clean and minimal - as per the traditions & culture of an ashram. All students will have to stay at the venue of the course - for best benefit.

Students will have shared rooms. Bath/Lat facilities are attached in some rooms, and are common for others. Hot & cold water available. Clean drinkable water (RO filtered) will be available. Food served will be Indian vegetarian food. No intoxicants are allowed in ashram. Washing Machines are available for washing of clothes. Internet facilities are available for limited times, but we encourage a total disconnect with the world during the course duration.


Dress Code:

The course material (books & other stationary) will be provided by the ashram. Dress code shall be any common Indian dress for both the ladies & gents. White Lungi/Pyjamas & Kurta for men; and Pyjamas-Kurta/Lungi-Kurta/Salwar-Kameez/Sari for women. Indore is hot (40-42 degree Celsius) in summers, cold (5-10 degree Celsius) in winters, and pretty wet during monsoon. However, all basic amenities are there at the ashram for a relatively comfortable stay, in all weather conditions.


The course will be intensive in nature, and an average daily routine will start from 6 AM and will continue throughout the day with short breaks till evening, and then there will be some devotional programs.



The donation of the week long Course will be Rs. 15,000/- per student (for stay, food and course material). Just bring your clothes and toiletries. We do not charge any thing for knowledge, however, as per our tradition, after the course the students needs to offer some Dakshina, as gratitude to the teachers. There is a special Dakshina program after the course, wherein students offer their gratitude, share their experiences and offer their dakshina in a systematic & cultured way to all the different teachers.  


First Payment:

The moment we confirm about the course, and dates, 10% of the money has to be paid immediately - in advance, through any of the various available facilities like Net Banking / Credit or Debit Cards / Cheque / Paypal etc. Rest of the amount has to be paid on arrival at the Ashram.

If at all the student is not able to make it for the course, this registration amount is non-refundable, and goes to the Corpus Fund of the Trust as donation for this cause.  


Indore City:

Indore is connected with all big cities in India by Air, Rail and Road transportation. The city has some very nice & famous historical and religious places in its proximity, including some jungle treks. Visitors can plan to visit them too, to make their trip more comprehensive. They can make the Ashram their base camp and go around visiting different places around - after the completion of the course.



The Next Step:

For taking up the course / or for letting know us your intent of taking up the course / or for getting any other any more information about the course, please download the PDF file of SVC Form, by following the link below, fill it up, print the filled up form - as a pdf file, and mail the same as an attachment to us. Thanks.


Download the SVC Form


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