VM Satsang, Mumbai

A special Satsang with Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium in RK Math, Khar, Mumbai on 28th Jan morning. It was a session about Vedantic Meditation and QnA. In this session Poojya Guruji first did a conducted Vedantic Meditation. After initial briefing, he got the lights closed and then guided everyone into Vedantic Meditation – into discovering & being our true Self.

He briefed that the most prevalent Meditation is either quietening of the mind or getting overwhelmed by devotion. Both have limited roles to play and do not directly lead to Self-Knowledge. Instead of just wishing to have a quiet mind, one should rather aim for an enlightened mind, by slowly seeing the facts as they are, into our self being pure existence & consciousness.

After the Meditation, there was a short break, and it was followed by an open-house Question & Answer session. There were lots of questions, written on papers and passed on to Guruji, who handled all of them very patiently and satisfactorily.

As the session was expected to be a bit longer, so the VM authorities organized snacks for all. Inspite of the early morning program (starting 7.00 AM) the rush of devotees was more than expected so few got left – which was in a way a good sign. Better the participation more is the satisfaction & success of any program.


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