Bhagwad Gita Intro Online Course

Gita Intro Online Course :


Bhagwad Gita: 

Bhagwad Gita is a highly reverential text of Vedanta & Sanatan Dharma. It reveals the art & science of discerning the ‘right (dharma)’ in any circumstances, it also helps us make our day to day living a Yoga.


The Course: 

‘Gita Intro Online Course’ introduces us to few basic things about Gita, like its structure, subject-matter and also its real objective. As of now, the course has only ten lessons. The first lesson is open & free and gives you the feel of the methodology followed, thereafter the student will have to get him/herself registered and also express their seriousness to study by contributing a small amount.


red-arrow First ‘Open’ Lesson of ‘Gita Intro Online Course’  




To Proceed Further: 

After studying the first lesson, if you wish to continue, then you will have to first, send us the answers of the questionaaire of this first lesson – by email, along with your Name, Place, some background of your studies if any, and then visit our Donation Page to choose your option of donation for sending your donation to show your seriousness to continue further. More details will be provided personally by email after checking your answers.

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