VM Centre’s :


Centre’s of Vedanta Mission


The discourses and various other related programs of Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda and his disciples are regularly organized in various parts of the country. In some places the devotees have got together to form a local committee to facilitate regular organizing of all these programs.


As of now, the discourses of VM Mahatmas are organized regularly in the following places in the country (India):

– Indore

– Mumbai

– Lucknow

– Ahmedabad

– Vadodara

– Bhavnagar

– Rishikesh

– Dehradun

– Jodhpur

– Jaipur


The discourses of Poojya Guruji and his disciples have also been organized in other countries, namely, UK, Canada, Russia and Dubai. 


Discourses of VM Mahatmas can be organized anywhere in the country or abroad. Requests can be sent to us by filling the Contact Us Form on our home page. Anyone interested to contact the VM Centre’s may also kindly send us a request through the above form.


Om Tat Sat


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