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Vedanta Ashram, Indore

A Modern Gurukula for the ancient wisdom – in Central India

Facilities at Vedanta Ashram


Vedanta Ashram is basically a Gurukula of Advaita Vedanta. It is a knowledge centre, so the facilities have been planned & designed to facilitate studies & deep reflection, rather than practise of some rituals, devotional practices, or even yogic practices. Basic infra-structure for the Mahatmas & students have been provided so that they can focus nicely on their studies. Overall the facilities are simple, sattwic and relatively minimal.


Inmates get single or shared rooms, depending on the number of participants for any programs. Rooms have nice clean bed & beddings, lockers, fans, light, with inverter back-up to some points. Few rooms have attached toilets, while some have common toilets. Water is running for 24 hours, both hot & cold. Toilets are all western design ones. Dining is common, food is prepared for all at one place and everyone including the Mahatmas eat the same food – in one common place, the Dining Hall, which has tables and benches/chairs. No room service is there. Inmates are expected to help in the kitchen and also wash their own utensils, everyone lives like a big family. 


Ashram has places to sit quietly for Meditation, study / refer to scriptures in our well-equipped library, have personal guidance & discussions with Ashram Teachers, perform devotional practices or even yogic exercises as per ones individual disciplines. But as the place is basically for the knowledge of Vedanta, everyone is expected to focus on that alone. 


All inmates are expected to attend the daily classes, Mandir Aarti, and eat the food made available at the Ashram, No intoxicants are allowed in the Ashram. Everyone is expected to maintain the cleanliness & quietitude. 


Poojya Guruji loves pets, so inmates should have capacity to live in harmony with our four-legged members too, who as per our experiences are very loving & also intelligent. They will never harm anyone – except of course in the event of any deliberate provocations etc. 


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