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Vedanta Ashram, Indore

A Modern Gurukula for the ancient wisdom – in Central India

Activities of Vedanta Ashram


Vedanta Ashram is basically a dedicated Centre of learning & teaching of Advaita Vedanta, as per the teachings of Sri Adi Sankaracharya, the philosophy revealing the vision of non-duality, as appreciated & interpreted by the founder of Vedanta Mission, Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji, a direct disciple of Brahmaleen Swami Chinmayanandaji. 


In simple terms this means that Vedanta basically reveals the basic ‘completeness’ and also ‘oneness’ of everyone & everything.

– Completeness implies that everyone is basically the one infinite divinity, and not knowing this alone is the cause of our perception of our being a limited individual. 

– Oneness implies that inspite of the various superficial differences, every being is basically one infinite divinity.


Vedanta is the philosophy of Hinduism too, Swami Vivekananda said the Religion without Philosophy is the road to Superstition, which today affects the major part of its followers, and is also the cause of various social problems. It is only when the right knowledge of the why’s & what’s of religion is there that all mal-practices & mis-understandings etc can be eliminated. India is very dear to us, and we not only wish & pray that the country lives as per its magnanimous vision & dignity, but at Vedanta Ashram, continuously try to bring about awareness of the valid vision behind various religious traditions. 


We believe that the knowledge of Vedanta is the only way by which we can appreciate the truth of our ego, and thus negate all the various superimposed limitations of ego on ourselves. This will not only help solve all the problems & stress at the individual level, but also help bring about happier families and society, and thus a health country and also the whole world. Ego has played havoc on the entire humanity, whether it is personal health issues, relationships, social well-being etc. All the various law & order problems at all levels can be traced to ego issues. We sincerely believe that this knowledge will help bring about the fundamental transformation of individual and the entire world at large. So we try to share the knowledge of Vedanta with great enthusiasm, love & zeal – to one & all, without any discrimination.


At Vedanta Ashram, we run short & long term courses to bring about awareness of this ancient wisdom in various ways we can think of, using both the tradition & modern tools of communication. We sincerely work & pay for the well-being of ‘everyone’. There are programs for sincere students, elderly retired people, ladies, youngsters and also children. Occasionally foreign students too come and study here. The door is open to any sincere student of Vedanta who is willing to live a simple & sattwic life as per the requirement of all such Ashrams.


At Vedanta Ashram there are regular classes on Upanishads, along with Shankar Bhashya, Bhagwad Gita dn various other scriptures of Vedanta, mostly in Hindi, but also at times in English, and few other Indian languages, like Gujrati & Marathi. 


Vedanta Ashram provides an ambiance for sattwic living. Simple food, living and high thinking. Anyone staying at Ashram has to serve all lovingly, and devote time to study & reflect on the profound principles of Vedanta.


Ashram has a temple of Lord Shiva – the Gangeshwar Mahadev Mandir. Regular puja and sewa of the embodiment of omniscience & omnipotence is done here with all our possible love & respect.


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Om Tat Sat

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