Study ‘Tattva Bodha’ at home. Join the VMOL TB Course.


Vedanta Mission offers a unique online course on a famous introductory text of Vedanta, called Tattva Bodha. These lessons have been written by Poojya Guruji, and are in four parts of ten lessons each. We highly recommend these lessons for anyone willing to study Vedanta systematically and that also in the convenience of their homes.



Every lesson has a small questionnaire given in the end, which the student is expected to send to us by email, along with any questions which they have. On satisfactory completion of the lesson they will be sent the access details of the next lesson and queries will be handled, if not, then appropriate suggestions will be given. This way a proper study under the personal guidance of a qualified teachers is possible, which is the basic essence of our Gurukula system of education.



The first lesson is open & free, but we have kept a small donation for the subsequent lessons, so that the study is taken up seriously and with necessary consistency & dedication. You can visit the VM Online Course Page for more details and also go directly to the first lesson from the links below:

Tattva Bodha Lesson 1-1

VM Online Courses Page

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