The Mission :


The Mission of the

International Vedanta Mission


Hari om


1. History of Mission:

Vedanta Mission was established by Poojya Swami Atmananda Saraswati ji, a direct disciple of H.H. Swami Chinmayanandaji, in the year 1992 at Mumbai, and since then it has spread to many places in the country & there is respectable awareness of the Mission all over the world too. The main HQ of the IVM is at Vedanta Ashram, Indore, MP, which is in the central part of India. Vedanta Ashram is a small, modern, well-equipped Gurukula of the ancient knowledge of Vedanta, and is run by a registered charitable public trust called Vedanta Parmarthic Sewa Trust.


2. Spreading greater ‘Love & Light’ all over – is our Motto:

Love is natural when there is no selfishness, and also when you see your own self in others around; as such using the knowledge of Vedanta we shall endeavour to reveal the basic oneness of all, and thus help bring about greater Love amongst all, by the Light of valid & time-tested Self-Knowledge. Spreading greater ‘Love & Light’ in all – by revealing the basic oneness of all – is our motto & motivation.


3. (a) IVM is purely a Knowledge-based Organization:

IVM is purely a knowledge-based organization which aspires to take the message & knowledge of Vedanta, the ancient art & science of Self-Knowledge, to the entire world, without any discrimination whatsoever – freely, in as valid form as possible.  We resolve to devise ways & means to take this redeeming knowledge to all segments of the society – men or women; children, young or old; rich or poor; in fact to all the people of all castes, creed, religion or nationalities.

(b) IVM is not into any Social Services: 

We are not into any social services, for which there are already hundreds & thousands of organizations., and very rarely there is even a thought to ‘root out’ the fundamental problems of the society, which are all borne out of ignorance, fragmentation and ego. Most of the organizations just help change the situations superficially, while we aim to not only empower the person by valid self-knowledge, but go into the very root of the problem and efface it completely. We consider Self-Knowledge alone to be ‘the door’ to real empowerment, and resolve to work only at that level. Not only that, but more importantly, whenever a person wishes to ‘change’ situations (by actions), then it implies that, that ‘which is’ is basically incomplete, and therefore the basic faith required for awakening into the truth is absent. Motivation for awakening into the truth implies the deep belief, that – ‘that which is the truth’ is not only fine, but perfect. So one should always focus to know rather than to change things as per ones conveniences & fancies.


4. We are open to both Modern & Ancient means of Communication:

We shall use the traditional system of imparting knowledge, like Gyana Yagnas, Sadhana Shivirs, Satsangs, establishing and running a Gurukula for imparting this knowledge in the traditional way; or the various modern systems like Seminars, Workshops, Internet etc. We shall teach the scriptures like Upanishads & Bhagwad Gita to any aspiring students as lovingly & selflessly as possible. We shall plan long-term or short-term courses for any aspiring & deserving students.


5. Mission Mahatmas are Teachers, no Godmen:

All the Sanyasi’s of Vedanta Mission, are humble messengers of the great Rishis of Upanishads. We don’t place ourselves in the category of any Godmen etc. We have no message of our own, and who wish to be just good & simple teachers, who teach Vedanta to anyone who wishes to know it; the core teaching of which is universal – that ‘everyone’ is basically good, divine & perfect. Like health, fulfilment too is natural to us, and we just need to discover it with right knowledge. Diseases are just those factors which come & cover or disturb our health, we just need to remove those thorns by right knowledge. Not knowing the truth of ourselves or of the world, we get entangled in various imaginations about ourselves, which we need to slowly & steadily grow out in deep humility and intelligence. This needs lot of hard work, it is changing our mindset & fundamental perceptions, so it will always be a slow journey, and which will have to be undertaken only by every individual him or herself.


6. We require only Teachers, no Saviours:

We don’t pray for any saviours to change the world or even ourselves, but just to wake up. We believe that everything is basically beautiful & perfect and we just need to know ‘what is’, and don’t work for ‘what should be’. Right knowledge is the only way out of all the mess, which we ourselves have inadvertently created. Real teachers never work to help change situations, but just guide, inspire and initiate their students into the vision & knowledge of what is, on the basis of our science of Vedanta. By proper Sravana, Manana & Nididhyasana alone everyone has to work to wake up to the truth of themselves & the world. Teachers are facilitators, and the final awakening has to be by everyone themselves. This alone is the role of all the Mahatmas of Vedanta Mission. We never support any blind belief and following. We prefer intelligent people who are ready & inquisitive to go deep into the secrets of themselves & life. We realize that as these aspirations are generally in very few people, we may not be directly catering to the aspirations of the masses – who wish to just hold someone hand and be lead – for some change.


7. Jyotish or Karma-Kanda etc are not in our Agenda:

We don’t work for things like a better future, but pray & work for an enlightened present, in which we wish to live holistically – fully awake. Things like astrology (jyotish) will never be on our agenda. Rituals too are not seen by us as an instrument to assure a better tomorrow, but are seen as an instrument for invocation of some positive qualities and discipline.


8. IVM aims to build:

(a) A ‘Centre of Holistic Living’:

We shall not have more than one Ashram, but as & when we can afford & manage we shall work to establish a ‘Centre of Holistic Living‘ for the holistic health & well-being of all, wherein we shall endeavour to educate, guide & inspire people to become conscious of their complete potential & faculties, and help them wake up to their subtler realms of personality, leading ultimately to their real transcendental truth.

(b) ‘International Centre of Universal Consciousness’: 

We also aspire to be facilitators to establish an ‘International Centre of Universal Consciousness‘ which will not only do research on the precepts of Vedanta, but help its translation into arts, culture & values of the world. We dream to have short & long-term courses for all segments of the society & people of the world to become aware of this redeeming non-dual truth of their self, and thus help to make the vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world is one family) a factual reality. We consider that such a step will be a true dedication to our glorious teachers like Sri Adi Sankara, Swami Vivekananda, or our Param Poojya Gurudev Sri Swami Chinmayananda – who had dedicated their lives for the dissemination of the knowledge of Vedanta to one & all.


9. Sensitivity to Nature is very dear to us:

We are totally against any kind of violence towards any creature, and we abhor any kind of pollution of nature in any way. We prefer to see the intrinsic beauty & purity of nature and live in harmony with it. It is we who need to adapt ourselves, rather than destroy the beautiful & delicate eco-system of the whole creation. An unpolluted place of natural beauty is our real pilgrimage. We feel inspired & elated in such quiet & beautiful places.


Om Tat Sat

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