Katho 2-2: Lko – Mar’13

Kathopanishad 2-2 Pravachans (Lko-2013)


Poojya Guruji during Gita Gyana Yagna at Hari Om Mandir, Lucknow



Kathopanishad is part of Yajur Veda, and is an immortal discourse between Yamaraj and Nachiketa. The second valli of the second Chapter of Kathopanishad deals with a viveka which reveals the Self to be like a king presiding in a palace with 11 doors, which our physical body has, and thereafter goes on to reveal the self-effulgent divinity as our Self. This was the subject-matter of the discourses during the Gita Gyana Yagna conducted by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji Maharaj at Hari om Mandir, Lucknow – in Mar 2013.



There are seven very enlightening Hindi discourses on the above text, each of around 90 mins duration. These discourses were webcasted live on the net for the first time, by the initiative of Rajesh Kumar. We thus have both the Audio & Video recordings of the discourses, whose links have been given below.



The Audio Talks have been uploaded on Box, and can be freely accessed by any sincere aspirant of Vedanta. They can however be used only for personal & non-commercial purposes. No commercial use is allowed. Please feel free to share them also in the same spirit in which they are being offered.


Folder Link with all 7 Audio Talks of Katho 2-2 (Lko’13)
Playlist Link of Video Files of Kathopanishad 2-2


Photo Album of GGY-Lko: Mar 2013

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