Gita 8: Mumbai – May’13

Gita  Chapter 8 (Akshar Brahma Yoga) Discourses


Akshar Brahma Yoga:

The Eighth Chapter of Bhagwad Gita has been called as the Akshar Brahma Yoga. It starts with some questions by Arjuna, but then focusses on the topic of death. What is death? Where does one go after death? What are the discerning factors which decide our direction? and various other questions which come in the mind of everyone. Most importantly it also reveals with the topic of ‘what does it mean to go beyond the cycle of birth & death’. So it is a very interesting & important topic, and it was the subject matter of the discourses of Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji organized at Vivekananda Hall at Ramkrishna Mission Campus in Khar, Mumbai in May 2013.



There are seven talks on this chapter, all in Hindi, and each are of around 90 mins each. These talks can be downloaded for offline use, or you can even hear them online. They are being made available to all for their personal & non-commercial usage – with love & privilege, without any obligations whatsoever. Sharing in non-commercial spirit is permissible.


Folder Link containing all the 7 Talks


Photo Album of GGY, Mumbai

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