Handling Desires

How to end Desires – the Vedantic Way

The Vedantic way of handling desires is not to try to end desire as such, but just understand very deeply & clearly – the truth of the ‘object of desire’, our ‘desire’, and more so of the ‘desirer’. When we go deeply into this triad of any experience, then we discover so many baseless presumptions that existed in our minds, because of which all our desires & also the desirer get a lease of life & existence. Those who thoughtlessly go around fulfilling desires, keep this game a life-long affair. This in effect implies that they will remain unfulfilled people, the desirer, alive & kicking for ever. So deep understanding is the only way to handle complete effacement of desires. Handle the fundamental cause and all effects will automatically subside.)


Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji

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